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Sanctum Health supply quality health supplements including Pure-col 100% Pure Collagen, Perfect H Natural HRT Solution, and Perfect C Natural Breast Enhancer. All products are sourced from trusted suppliers and have been known to provide significant improvements to overall health and well-being.

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  1. Aloe Vera Capsules - Perfect Aloe Matrix

    Aloe Vera Capsules - Perfect Aloe Matrix

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    Perfect Aloe Matrix (PAM) is a revolutionary new Aloe Gel Powder contained in a small capsule. Developed by Dr Ivan Danhof the world’s leading expert on Aloe Vera and natural herbal remedies. This revolutionary herbal dietary supplement is now believed to be the finest and most effective Aloe Vera Product currently available anywhere in the world.

    Perfect Aloe Matrix capsules may help with:

    Irritable Bowel Symptoms. Diabetes. Allergies. Problem Skin. Wound Healing. Scare Tissue. Joint Inflammation. Boosting Energy Levels. Strengthening The Immune System.

    Perfect Aloe Matrix helps Improve Ailments NATURALLY without Pain Killers or Prescription Drugs.

    Perfect Aloe Matrix capsules are different because this exclusive new formula enables the processing of Aloe Vera without depleting any of the plant´s natural curative properties.

    Just 1 capsule of Perfect Aloe Matrix is equivalent to 120 mls of high grade quality aloe juice. So no bulky bottles.1 tub of 60 250 mg capsules is equivalent to 2 litres of high quality Aloe Juice/gel.

    Maintenance - Take 1 capsule a day ( 2 months supply ). More severe conditions 2 – 4 capsules daily may be required.

    Vegetarian , Halal , Kosher and meets all organic requirements.

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  2. Perfect Vascular Natural - Cholesterol Lowering Supplement

    Perfect Vascular Natural - Cholesterol Lowering Supplement

    Perfect Vascular Natural is an exciting alternative to statins, which may help maintain healthy cholesterol. Perfect Vascular Natural combines two natural ingredients that have been shown in multiple independent clinical trials to reduce total cholesterol, LDL (bad cholesterol) and triglycerides as effectively as prescription statins.

    Perfect Vascular Natural All in One is a new natural pharmaceutical-grade supplement, which has shown in clinical tests to lower cholesterol in line with prescription medication, with no known side effects.

    A clinically tested heart health supplement combining the ‘natural statin’ red yeast rice, plant sterols and CoQ10.

    Reversing rising cholesterol levels can be done safely, quickly, and naturally without prescriptions or chemical medication like statins.

    Perfect Vascular Natural is manufactured in the United Kingdom, at a well respected GMP Laboratory, to very exact specifications and high quality.

    Containing only naturally sourced ingredients, clinically trialed, including red yeast rice, phytosterols and Co Q10.

    120 Capsules per tub = 1 month supply

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