Weight Loss Resolution – How’s It Going

Thousands of us up and down the country are currently working hard to stick to those resolutions we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. With the best of intentions, we made our vows to be better this year – to be healthier, happier, better rested, at the gym three times a week and only turning to a moderate amount of alcohol at the weekend.

Some of us find it easy to stick to resolutions, but many more start to flag as the year wears on. And, if you set a weight loss goal for 2014, you might be frustrated if your efforts haven’t yet paid off at your weigh in. We all know that the key to losing weight is essentially a simple one – eat less and exercise more – but that can be hard work, so we’ve gathered our top tips to help you stay on track with your weight loss resolution...

  • Don’t skip meals – if you want to shed weight it can be tempting, but skipping meals isn’t a quick win. Eating regular meals during the day helps to burn calories quicker and reduces the temptation to snack on unhealthy foods.
  • Drink plenty of water – keeping topped up with fluid helps to keep hunger at bay, as we often confuse hunger with thirst.
  • High-fibre = highly-filling – eating lots of foods that are high in fibre can make you feel fuller for longer. So, stock up on fruit and vegetables, oats, lentils, brown rice and other wholegrain foods.
  • “All things in moderation” – don’t rule anything out totally. If you feel deprived of any luxuries, you’ll struggle to maintain your diet. Better to know your enemy, identify your weak spot – whether it’s chocolate éclairs or crisps – and allow yourself the occasional treat!
  • It’s all in the planning – the tips above all depend on a little bit of forethought. So, dig out some healthy recipes, and give yourself the time to sit down and work out some low fat meals that appeal to you, and plan a menu. Be realistic about the amount of time you have to dedicate to meal preparation and plan accordingly.
  • Write it down – keeping a food diary is super simple, but can really work to keep track of what you’re eating so you can identify areas you are falling down. And, knowing that you must record everything you eat, might give you a much needed willpower boost when temptation strikes.
  • Help yourself along with a weight loss supplement – weight loss supplements work in a variety of ways, but generally help you to lose weight by speeding up your metabolism. So taking a weight loss supplement in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime, can burn more calories and help you achieve your target weight more quickly. If you’re already there, then taking a weight loss supplement can help you maintain that weight, and minimise the chance of you putting your hard-lost lbs back on.