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Perfect C Herbal Breast Enhancement capsules are a premium breast enhancement supplement combining an exotic mix of rare botanicals naturally containing oestrogenic properties. Perfect C capsules do not themselves contain oestrogens or hormones but promote the natural activity of hormonal production. This in turn may stimulate the oestrogen receptor sites that stimulate the development of the mammary glands.

Perfect C Customer Reviews

Michelle, Aged 23, Washington

“I bought a 3 month supply of breast enhancer and noticed an increase in size and firmness within the first 30 days. I have now been taking them for 2 and a half months and I am really pleased with the results. I am on target to reach my desired size by the end of my 3 month course. I feel much more confident and happy with my body."

Ursula, Aged 21, London

I've been using your products for only 6 weeks now and couldn't be happier. I have had added a full cup size already. I think your product is wonderful.

Veronica, Age 47, Newcastle

I am 47 years old and, after having 7 children, had given up hope of looking and feeling confident about my body again. I bought 3 months supply for a friend who was younger than me and after a month she started to see results so I decided to give it a try. I have to be honest and say I didn't notice anything dramatic in the first few weeks but after that I started to notice that instead of sagging my breasts were feeling and looking a lot firmer. I am continuing to take the product and now the firmness is increasing along with the size. I am now happier and more confident with the way I look than I have been in a long time. Thanks

Nadia, Age 26

I started taking breast enhancement capsules as I was vert flat-chested and I am delighted with the results. In two months I have increased to a B cup and I intend to keep on taking them.

Mariska, Dorset

"I have always been a pear shape, wished my thighs and bum were smaller or that my breasts were larger. No matter how much weight I lost, my lower half was always too big compared with my top. At my wits end, I decided to splash out on the Perfect C, having seen rave reviews online.I was not disappointed. My breasts soon firmed up and gained in size - much to the delight of my boyfriend! The great thing is that they have remained larger. These days, if I'm trying to lose a bit of weight, I like to take Perfect C alongside my diet, just to ensure my breasts don't shrink down again. Perfect C is without a doubt one of my favourite beauty products, and has made me so much happier with my body."

Michelle, Age 42

"I have now been taking Perfect C for 6 months and the difference is noticeable. In May 2008 we went on holiday and when you compare the photographs from then to now you can see a difference. My breast has become firmer, shapelier and has increased in size by 1.5 cup sizes. I would recommend Perfect C to anyone contemplating breast enhancement surgery as a healthier cost effective alternative to painful and intrusive surgery."

Clare, Age 47

"I heard about Perfect C and was really interested because of its excellent natural blend ingredients and absence of fillers like other natural breast enhancer I have tried. Although in good shape generally, my breasts,what used to be a pert 32C size had lost some of their fullness after breast feeding my son for two years. After starting on Perfect C I found I felt more in balance hormonally (little bit of water retention) my skin and hair look healthier and my breast filled out nicely, and my cup size increased up to a firm 32D, which was all I wanted being slim."

Lesley, Surrey

"I am in my mid-forties and had become very concious that my breasts were looking saggy and wrinkled. I have now been taking Perfect C Enhancer for six months and I am delighted to report that they are now looking like they did ten years ago."

Joyce, Age 35, HK

"During the first month of taking Perfect C, I noticed my sleep quality improved. In the second month, I can feel the firmness and have to switch from B-cup to C-cup bra to adjust for the growing bust line (increased by 4cm). That feeling brings me back to teenage when my bust first develops. Now I feel more confident in wearing low-collared and fashioned clothes."

Peggy, Age 30, HK

"I tried Perfect C for two months and my breasts became noticeably fuller. I reccommend Perfect C to all ladies needing something more"

Kristy - USA

"I started using Perfect C because I wanted a real confidence boost. I wanted to look full in my bathing suit, in my clothes, my bras and everything. I've been taking Perfect C for lets see, about two months now, and I noticed results in the first month. my bra's started to look fuller and I had a big lift."

Melanie - USA

"I've got my youth back. I've got what I had when I was twenty. And I just feel fantastic with it. And I can wear my old clothes. And I can feel confident, and I can go out. Its great! Perfect C worked for me! I would recommend Perfect C. I've actually recommended it to a couple of them already and they have started taking it too. Hopefully they are pleased with their results like I am."

Perfect C Herbal Breast Enhancement capsules

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Note: Please note results cannot be guaranteed and do vary between individuals.